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Every big curve started out small. Take action now.

Whether you’re “watching and waiting” for your scoliosis to get worse, or considering bracing or surgery- we can help you. It is important to recognize that:

  • Many cases of scoliosis will continue to progress
  • Scoliosis can continue to progress after skeletal maturity
  • Even a small curvature can cause problems with breathing

The truth about bracing as a treatment for scoliosis:

  • Bracing will not correct scoliosis
  • Braced or not, there is little difference in the end result
  • Many patient who wear a brace continue to get worse

Four Facts that every patient and parent should know about surgery for scoliosis

  • Scoliosis can continue to get worse even after spinal fusion
  • Over 20% of patients require more than one operation
  • 40% of patients are legally disabled 16 years after the procedure
  • It does not cure the disease of scoliosis, but rather replaces one deformity (a flexible, curved spine) with another (a straighter, fused spine)

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