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Scoliosis Treatment

The CLEAR Institute Approach to the Conservative Treatment of Scoliosis - Mix, Fix, Set


As we have learned, scoliosis is a complex combination of biomechanical alterations or abnormalities beyond just the commonly recognized lateral bend in the spine. To effectively treat scoliosis, you first need to recognize, Identify, and quantify the contributing conditions. The CLEAR method for treating scoliosis reflects the complexity of this condition.

The first part of the treatment protocol is called Mix. The purpose of the Mix is to warm up the spine, and prepare it for the rest of the treatment. In this portion of the program the patient performs several activities to warm up and loosen up the spine. These activities include the wobble chair, vibrational therapy and different traction devices designed to put motion into the spine. Making it more flexible.

The second part of the treatment protocol is the Fix. This is where the chiropractic adjustments take place. We also perform other modalities that begin to cause correction of the spinal curvatures.

The last part of the program is the Set. During this part of the treatment the patient receives several treatments that are designed to stabilize the spine in a more corrected position.

We recognize that scoliosis is a difficult condition to deal with both physically and emotionally. We believe that we have developed the best current treatment for scoliosis available today. The treatment offered by any certified Clear Institute clinics has been proven to be safe for patients of all ages, and we believe that treatment of this nature should be a first option for anyone dealing with scoliosis. It is safe, effective, and has none of the negative effects of the more aggressive and invasive treatment available.

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