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Success Stories Using Clear Protocalls

There is HOPE!!!

This patient is a 15 year old female whose intial curvatures upon assessment were 64 degrees in the thoracic spine and 59 degrees in the thoraco-lumbar curvature. She went through the 2 days of additional testing to see if she was a candidate for our procedures.

The testing was successful and these are the actual results of BEFORE and AFTER radiographs following completion of our

2- week intensive scoliosis program:

Her initial thoracic curve was reduced 12.5% from 64 degrees to 56 degrees and her lumbar curve was reduced 23.7% from 59 degrees to 45 degrees.

We would like to point out that each case is unique and different and that the patient must be assessed and tested to see if they qualify for this type of program. We have treated dozens of scoliosis cases from 5 years of age up to 77 years young and with proper patient compliance, we have seen many similar and better results. READ ON!!

We see that 100% of the Scoliosis patients have a loss of the normal curves in the cervical spine (neck) and thoracic spine (midback)[18]. This creates instability and mechanical tension by elongation of the spinal cord. The now unstable spine exerts force to the front of the midback

spine which causes the midback to buckle sideways in an attempt to gain some stability and reduce the spinal cord tension.

In order to assist in reducing these effects of Scoliosis, we are specialists in restoring the forward c-shaped curve for the neck.

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